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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Jewelry boxes' new life

Upcycling jewelry boxes

tips on how to fix hardware issues and dirty liner

I was busy working on the jewelry boxes lately, those are fun to paint and it is so nice to know somebody can use them again, this time with a style. 

First thing to do when I choose a box to decorate is to check if all the hardware is in a good condition, if it is loose I tight it and sometimes it takes some more fixing if screws keep spinning & not holding on anything. To fix this problem I remove the hinges and fill the screw hole with some spackling, then wait when it dries, place hinge back and you are good to go. 
Sometimes I use boxes in a very bad shape for spare parts. 

The other issue with the old jewelry boxes is dirty liners inside. I found solution for that. I use chalk paint and paint either the whole drawer or some section of the liner like I did in the box on the picture below. 

Before painting or if you decide not to paint you have to vacuum the drawers and if this doesn't help use the painter tape or other sticky tape to collect dust and other dirt from the fabric. It works. 
If the liner is in a bed shape and even coming off the drawer I replace it with other liner such as burlap. I hot glue burlap onto the piece of cardboard shaped like the drawer's insides and then glue them inside the drawer.  Example is on the pictures below:

I am usually using chalk paints for the boxes, they are fun to work with and you can make the box feel really smooth for touch by sanding the surface slightly. I also love how the clear wax gives them velvety feel with a bit of shine. You also can distress easily with the chalk paint, additionally I use some antiquing mediums or technics for vintage look. 
Here are more of my works:

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Painted "Gibbard" side table

Paint and whitewash

Beautiful little table got even more charm. The table is solid walnut and has it's own character, I liked it right away when i saw it in the store. Now I've done painting it and I am quite satisfied :) The colour i used called relic and it is Decor art chalky paint, which I am getting to like more and more. After paint I applied Annie Sloan clear wax, and after all I used whitewashing technics to add antique look to it. It worked out good, you can imagine the table made out of stone with white patina.

Above are "before" & "after" pictures. And here are some more:

The label inside says "Gibbard. Solid walnut, furniture shop, established 1837, Napanee, Canada". Cool, isn't it? 

To make a whitewash you need to add water to paint to consistency of light cream, but not too runny, and with a brush apply to the surface, than in a minute wipe it all up with the rag. Wiping should go in the same direction. If you prefer thick wash (more colour) wipe in 3-4 minutes. Make sure you don't leave unwiped patches anywhere, that doesn't look natural.

 This item is for sale for local Edmontonians :) See my facebook page for contact:Shabby Moth and reDOem

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Vintage holiday decor

Easy tree ornaments made from dictionary pages

Holiday season! And I am here with my hand decorated ornaments I made a year ago. Probably won't show you anything new, but you can grab the idea for your holiday project or just for a craft with children. They look great on the tree - instant vintage look!

To make them I used  plastic balls like these:
So "before" ornaments weren't even with the smooth surface.  All the other materials you need are an old Webster dictionary that you can find in any goodwill or thrift store and a Mod Podge glue. First you will have to rip or cut dictionary pages into small stripes or any other shapes {ripping will give you thinner edges which helps better attaching and smoother transition from piece to piece}. Then just brush the glue onto pieces {both sides} and start covering the ball all around {you can put glue on the ball too}. You will get the creative mess on your working space but result is worth it :) 

To decorate more I cut off the dictionary illustrations and glued them on the ornaments. I think the pine cones look especially great for the occasion :) 

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