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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Vintage holiday decor

Easy tree ornaments made from dictionary pages

Holiday season! And I am here with my hand decorated ornaments I made a year ago. Probably won't show you anything new, but you can grab the idea for your holiday project or just for a craft with children. They look great on the tree - instant vintage look!

To make them I used  plastic balls like these:
So "before" ornaments weren't even with the smooth surface.  All the other materials you need are an old Webster dictionary that you can find in any goodwill or thrift store and a Mod Podge glue. First you will have to rip or cut dictionary pages into small stripes or any other shapes {ripping will give you thinner edges which helps better attaching and smoother transition from piece to piece}. Then just brush the glue onto pieces {both sides} and start covering the ball all around {you can put glue on the ball too}. You will get the creative mess on your working space but result is worth it :) 

To decorate more I cut off the dictionary illustrations and glued them on the ornaments. I think the pine cones look especially great for the occasion :) 

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