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Friday, 20 June 2014

How to make antique letter poster

Hi everyone, 'twas awhile again, but I am here. Enjoying summer days, slowly crafting and painting. Here is a new post for you on how to make "antique" letter poster to hang on the wall. Such a poster quickly gives your room "antique atmosphere" and vintage feeling. It will perfectly fit your shabby or french vintage style room. Also it is very low cost to make this beautiful wall art.

  • Canvas of preferred size
  • Printed images of your choice (laser printer)
  • Mod Podge
  • Lighter or candle
  • Distressing ink 
  • Spray acrylic sealer
How to:  
(I used the back side of the canvas, the one which wasn't primed)
  • Take off the canvas from the wood frame, you may need pliers or something like that to take the staples out.  Don't worry if you rip the material a bit, we are going to distress the edges anyway. 
  • With the help of a lighter (please be careful with fire, do it outside maybe with water near by) burn the  edges which were distressed beforehand manually or with scissors. 
  • Use the distressing ink (Tim Holtz brand) to age and stain the canvas around. 
  • Transfer images using the Mod Podge , see my other posts  for tutorial on that 
  • Seal it with the acrylic finish 
  • Using glue gun attach canvas to the wood frame
  • Enjoy your masterpiece 
I used the image of the coat of arms of Great Britain (I customized it a bit). You can find similar image here 
Also I used different kind of vintage looking fonts, you can download them from, below are the names of the fonts:
  • Numismatic Bats TFB  (for stamp looking details)
  • Signarita Zhai (for main text)
  • Paris Label  (for top right text)
  • Strassburg Faktur (for the second headline)
  • Jenuary Script personal use (used next to the coat of arms)
  • Jellyka saint Andrew's Queen (for signature below)
  • Cornucopia of dingbats Four (for ornaments)

Please, don't burn your fingers :) ... coz I DID

How do you like this kind of art? Let me know what you think ;)