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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

House decor in white and aqua combo

Inspiration day, Ladies and Gentlemen! Today I want to share with you my absolute favourite style of decoration, I really love white and aqua colours combination. If I ever get a new house it will be bright and light like the salt cave :) Or maybe it is easier to renovate my current one, who knows :) White and light blue interiors really go great together with some natural wood accents. Add some natural fabrics like burlap and linen and you have perfect home. This style can combine shabby, rustic and cottage chic trends and it is especially peculiar to beach cottage style. Just look at this brightness, don't you feel peaceful? :

Have a beautiful bright day!!

 DISCLAIMER: all the images belong to their authors, I tried hard to put links to all of them, but couldn't find the authors for pictures from "tumbrl", if you find that your image in this post is marked wrong, please contact me immediately. I couldn't find the author for the picture with blue frame and antlers, so if this image belongs to you also contact me, please. thank you. 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Galvanized bucket for laundry room

Hello, all my friends! I want to share with you my latest project - decorated small bucket that I want to use for my laundry room. I found this gem :) in the dollar store. I painted it with acrylic paint and used vintage french graphic to transfer onto it. Mod Podge rules! How to transfer with Mod Podge look this post and this one.
Here is what I've got in the end:

To make a stripes I used green masking tape...

And the graphic came from my favourite site The Graphic Fairy.
I like this bucket. Looks great on the top of my washing machine, I want to keep the lint from the drier in it :) Pretty functional :)

Be my judge, comment about what you think, or maybe your suggestions on how to decorate buckets! I'll be happy to hear from you!!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Deer Head Bottles (from "Bottle Series - 3")

This is a quick project for little jars. I bought them at Michaels because of their cuteness.. Yeah, junker :)))  (did I just made that word? or is it pretty popular these days, ..because it is in my head, or if not, how do you call those people :) anyway ...).
So, you will need:
  • little jars 
  • deer head stencil 
  • spray paint (silver)
  • acrilic paint 
  • not very sticky glue, the one you can easily remove from the glass
First you will need to pour some acrylic paint inside the jar and then let the paint fill the area that you need to be painted (one side of the jar is good enough). 

Here are the deer heads: just save them to your computer and print, then cut the heads with a small scissors. Don't forget to click the picture for bigger image before saving. Or you can find them in Google search.
Then glue the silhouette to the jar side, make sure the glue is not really sticky because we need it just to hold the image in place. After that spray paint the jar, let it dry, remove the deer head and you are done! 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Colour Therapy

Even when Wikipedia says there is no such thing as colour therapy and research has shown it is ineffective, I still believe there are lots of colours that pleasing the eye and give you some kind of a pacification... I want to share with you today the colour that is so peaceful and beautiful and in a way does some therapy :) To me anyway! You see this colour a lot in the shabby chic decoration. I call it AQUA or AZUR or Turquoise.


Disclaimer: pictures belong to their authors and I put the links to the source, if you have any concerns, please contact immediately. Thank you.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Vintage tissue box

This one is from dollar store series :). I wanted something nicer than plain paper tissue box, so dollar store supplied me with this:

I believe it cost me two dollars ...yeah, they are funny this way. I painted it with acrylic white paint, than I did some transfers with the help of Mod Podge and this graphics site. How to make a transfer you can look HERE. So here what I've got:
It dwellt on the shelf looking like that more than 3 months, but than I decided to age it a bit. And here is the final look:
Not sure though whether I should had left it without aging. What do you think?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Shabby Chic Inspiration

Hi, Everyone!
Today is an inspirational day at the blog :) And now it is ... yes, of course, SHABBY CHIC...  I learned recently that shabby chic has several variants represented in also well known styles: Cottage chic, Beach cottage chic and French country. Good to know. 
"Shabby chic" is white, sky blue, soft pink and beige, neutral colours. It's favourite fabrics are cottons and linens, usually worn or bleached. Shabby chicks furniture usually worn and with many layers of paint showing through. Necessary items are pillows made of linen or burlap, vintage chandeliers, furniture with swags or garlandes or angels.  Favourite flower is beautiful romantic Rose.... The style brings you relaxing and romantic atmosphere..... I think I'm in love :) Are you?

Give me a piece of your mind, comment & share, please, and just be noisy here :)

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Crown Royal Whisky bottle into Vintage decoration from "Bottle series - 2 " (tutorial)!

Once in awhile I find neat bottles around the house, they are just made for crafters :) If you have one like this, here is a great redo. I painted it blue mixed with just tiny grey and decorated it with vintage graphics. You can find them on my Pinterest board Vintage Graphics - coloured . I chose a picture with nest and blue egg, I think it suits the bottle very good :) 
So, you will need:
  • Whisky bottle (empty one, ....please be responsible).
  • Acrylic paints of your choice.
  • Graphics
  • Mod Podge 
  • Twine (optional)
  • Some kind of small piece of decoration , I used tiny key (optional)
  • Brushes

First I cleaned the bottle, if you soak it a bit, it will help to remove stickers easier.
Then I painted it grey, after it dried I painted it blue. I left the lid grey though, I think it looks good this way. 
After that I distressed the paint by rubbing slightly over the bottle pattern. 

Using Mod Podge I glued paper with french typography on one side of the bottle, you will have to print graphic on laser printer, graphic have to be reversed horizontally, because you glue it with right side on the surface.  When it's dry (overnight) wet your finger and roll the paper off like on the picture. Just be really gentle and slow and patient!!! 

On the other side I used different technique though, instead of transferring image, I just decoupaged it. Just glued it by putting Mod Podge on both sides of the paper. 
At the end I put the key on the twine around the neck of the bottle. 

Here you have it!!! I love it :) 

Please comment, subscribe, and just be noisy here, it makes my day!!!! 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Old trunk redo !!!

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I believe this thing officially calls steam trunk. I found it at my in-law's farm (yay)! It was scratched quite a bit...and the colour faded. When I was picking a paint I start wondering what kind of material the trunk was covered with, because it looked different than anything I know. So I did some research and closest answer was "vulcanite". Apparently back in old days they covered photo cameras with it. Anyway, maybe you know what it usually covered with? It also reminds me pressed paper.....
My choice of paint was Rust-oleum painters touch in black (best brand for me so far). And for the metal parts I chose spray paint.. unfortunately I don't remember the colour name....

Here is my trunk before transformation:

For inside I also used the spray paint in brown. The trunk was really smelly inside, but paint did sure fixed that  :)

In these pictures the hinges are already painted. To do that I had to mask tape all over around them (.....why? I wonder now .....since I never painted the trunk itself yet.... oh, well).

And here it is!!!! I keep children's books in it!!!! and puzzles! :)