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Monday, 3 March 2014

Bottle decor and a bit of spring in a bowl

Hi, everyone!
Spring is here, calendar spring I  mean, I can complain a lot about our minus thirties, but it won't make it warmer, so I just show you some other bottles that have been made during last 3 months here. Also I've made the "spring bowl" today, I do one every season, I thought it is time to send my "winter bowl" in archive.
Here is my apothecary set:

Here is the jar decorated with yarn and twine:

And this is my first mason jars trial, pretty simple: 

I think I showed you all the bottles in my house, I guess I have enough jars around, but you never know, never know :) 
And here we go, "spring bowl":

I did warned my children: "Don't eat my EGGS"! :) 
... Actually I have one more jar set to show: 
Ignore the others here, I'm showing you the "fleurs" set

I bought it at Michaels, they are cute, couldn't resist. 

Have a beautiful day!!!