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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Projects are coming..

Hi, everyone, it really was awhile since my last post, sorry about that. What was happening is that I started too many projects at the same time. Now I have some of them finished and some still laying waiting for their turn. Oh, well. Also was busy with my family, three little kids , you know :) That's why I'm so slow with my crafting.
But today there are some things to share, they might be not 100% finished yet, but ready for public anyway.
Actually I started to decorate my ceiling fan blades, and it takes forever, than I redone the vintage spice rack, which you will see now... also lamp redo and shelf painting, blanket crocheting (started let me think... maybe in October..... oh, my :) ) I'm excited for the summer, which means more projects will be done sooner, as I can work outside, hoping to paint even some big pieces like furniture. Excited to try Annie Sloan chalk paint. So here are my plans for now. Try to post regularly is another goal :)
Here is the rack, still going to add the bottles with vintage labels, but I'll repost it again when those are done:

And here is the lamp (before and after): 

This was my first experiment to transfer image to fabric, and I just used the Mod Podge, worked good! I was surprised. 

Till next time! Cheers!!!