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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ceiling Fan reDo

Hello, my friends!!! Beautiful warm day today after long winter. Things like that make me happy :)))
And today I want to show you my new ceiling fan. I'm "going vintage shabby" for my house , slowly, but steady :) So every single thing in my house just begging to be repainted!
Here we go, ceiling fan, Ladies and Gentlemen:
BEFORE                                                                              AFTER

I want to tell you a little bit how I did this. So the algorithm is : 
  • Stencil with spackling using palette knife (after spackling is on, just lift the stencil from one edge to another {in case you are using sticker stencil like I did})

  • Painting with Americana Decor Chalky Paint (I'll talk about this paint later in the post).
  • Whitewash with acrylic paint (brush paint, in a minute wipe paint off with the paper towel)
  • Seal with Mod Podge matte finish
I was learning a lot lately about chalk paints and really wanted to try them. My dream is to paint some furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint this summer. But for now I decided to practise with smaller version of chalk paint - Americana Decor Chalky Paint:
Luckily they finally selling those in Canada. No, not in Home Depot yet, but in Michael's. Yeah, my USA friends, you have to be really happy because I find you have much more choices there for everything... anyway... I really loved this paint and how it worked. For the fan I used chalk paint in "primitive" colour. Initially I wanted it in "lace" or "white", but those colours were gone with the wind (I imagining the wild crowd took place...). I loved how smooth the surface was after I sand it a bit, I also loved the coverage this kind of paint gives. I tried to paint the blades with regular acrylics first, but it would take no less than 4-5 layers of paint to cover this laminate kind of surface. Colours they provide are beautiful and this paint is relatively cheap, which is good, with a 40 % off coupon from Michaels I paid about 8 dollars for 224 ml container. Yeah, I was really happy with the paint! I don't know how it differs from ASCP, but I don't think it much better than Americana one. 
What do you think? Did you tried them both and what difference did you find? Will be glad if you share your opinion!!!
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