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Friday, 2 May 2014

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Project

Hi, my friends!
Today I finally visited the store that carries Annie Sloan Paint, this is the first and the only store in my city where you can find this kind of paint , they also caring Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. If you somehow do not know what are those paints are, I can tell you there is a big fuss going around it among the DIY'ers . :) Most of them just Loving It! I, myself, have never tried it before and can't tell anything just yet. ...But look here:

I bought some, yes. Can't wait to figure it all out for myself. After I done painting my project I will give you my honest opinion. So far from what I heard it's the best paint that gives furniture beautiful matte finish, it also created to give objects the antique look, because it can be perfectly distressed. (I know I'm not opening the America, but for my friends overseas this will be new information.) I heard also that even though these products are costly, it all worth the investment (we'll see). I love the color choice ASCP offers. They are beautiful, very suitable for many vintage styles and chics :) 
Here is a sneak pick for what I am going to do: 
 This baby is ready to be transformed. My plan is to paint it with ASCP "Old White" color, clear wax it and distress with MMS Antiquing wax.  - Why I didn't buy the AS dark wax?  - Because my inner Jew didn't let me...
Annie Sloan Paint and products are pricey, before I decided to invest in these specific products I investigated a lot about it over the internet, counted all pros and contras, realized that maybe AS Chalk Paint is a little bit overrated and you can even make you own chalk paint for much lesser money (which I really possibly will do in the future), but... I need to try ASCP first.

Please, give me your piece of mind on these matters :) What you prefer: ASCP, MMS milk paint, DIY chalk paint OR.....???  What you think about dark waxing, clear waxing? I need your experience!
If you are from Canada, which products do you use? Because, as I say, we don't have much choices here.