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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Baileys bottle re-do! (tutorial) from "Bottle series - 1"

Baileys bottles have a nice shape, at least old ones had.. by the way, the baileys company just changed the design of their bottles, I don't know why, because I really like the shape of previous one..oh, well.

So maybe now I have  the last bottle of old design, here what I've done with it...

1. Remove the label by soaking the bottle in warm water. Than just rub it away. Easy.
 2. Than I painted the bottle with chalkboard paint and some acrylic "Robbins egg blue" paint.. I also added some antique white into blue.

3. Than you'll need twine of your choice, I have this hairy one, so I had to trim it after I was done gluing it. Haircut, you know.... And you can pick any decorations , but I had a sea star set. Sea theme in the middle of winterland.

 4. Here I'm showing you how I attached the twine. Used a hot glue gun, I had glue in between the layers too, so it would stay nicely together.
5. And at last I attached the big star by putting glue right in the middle of it and sticking it to the twine in the spot where string begins and ends. This way it looks neat.

Here you have it! Nice beachy bottle :))))

Please , leave a comment! I'll be really happy!!!

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