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Monday, 24 February 2014

Galvanized bucket for laundry room

Hello, all my friends! I want to share with you my latest project - decorated small bucket that I want to use for my laundry room. I found this gem :) in the dollar store. I painted it with acrylic paint and used vintage french graphic to transfer onto it. Mod Podge rules! How to transfer with Mod Podge look this post and this one.
Here is what I've got in the end:

To make a stripes I used green masking tape...

And the graphic came from my favourite site The Graphic Fairy.
I like this bucket. Looks great on the top of my washing machine, I want to keep the lint from the drier in it :) Pretty functional :)

Be my judge, comment about what you think, or maybe your suggestions on how to decorate buckets! I'll be happy to hear from you!!!