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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Old trunk redo !!!

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I believe this thing officially calls steam trunk. I found it at my in-law's farm (yay)! It was scratched quite a bit...and the colour faded. When I was picking a paint I start wondering what kind of material the trunk was covered with, because it looked different than anything I know. So I did some research and closest answer was "vulcanite". Apparently back in old days they covered photo cameras with it. Anyway, maybe you know what it usually covered with? It also reminds me pressed paper.....
My choice of paint was Rust-oleum painters touch in black (best brand for me so far). And for the metal parts I chose spray paint.. unfortunately I don't remember the colour name....

Here is my trunk before transformation:

For inside I also used the spray paint in brown. The trunk was really smelly inside, but paint did sure fixed that  :)

In these pictures the hinges are already painted. To do that I had to mask tape all over around them (.....why? I wonder now .....since I never painted the trunk itself yet.... oh, well).

And here it is!!!! I keep children's books in it!!!! and puzzles! :)