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Friday 24 January 2014

IKEA hack : children table set

I bought this table set from IKEA two years ago, since then it has suffered numbers of changes. And eventually I've transformed it to what I like.
Here how it looked at birth:

But I wanted it to look more like my other furniture in the living room, so I stained it and put several clear coats. So it looked like this:
... one day I sat on the little chair and that caused the giant whole in the middle of the seat. The sentence was: reDO it into something durable and nice looking. I bought a spray paint in "ocean breeze" colour and some wood planks at the Lowe's to fulfil my plan. And look what I've got:

I personalised it using the stencils I made and acrylic paint. Also distressed the planks a bit with sander before I finished it with clear coat.

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