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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

About me a bit more

Hello everyone, I decided to start a blog! I had this idea every time I was building something new for my house. Every blog I  visited and every neat thing, weather on the web or in real life, that attracted me gave me an idea to share it with you - DIYers, moms who do their nests cosy!
I have to blame Pinterest for my love of vintage and rustic things! Anyway, my husband definitely blames it!.... So I decorate in vintage and rustic styles, also love french white and black style.  All right, just give me some time and I'll make an awesome blog for you! Forgive my English, by the way, because I am a foreigner :)
The main purpose of this blog is to share some DIY's and tutorials that I personally do, and also maybe some great ideas found on the Internet.
I also love to crochet, so maybe in future I'll be posting some interesting patterns and my own creations once in awhile !
...And I do some scrapbooking too.

In a nut shell: I'm a mom of three, who loves to make her home cosy and beautiful. Budget is a good thing, that's why I love to decorate my house with repurposed and reused things. I love DIY's, thrift and hardware stores. I would be very pleased if some of my ideas were useful and entertaining for you!

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